Heavy and Deliberate: Painting by Jacquie Manning

A painting of some sheep in a fieldUntitled


Jacquie Manning creates paintings of rural scenery using bright, textural brush marks and handmade outlines. The resulting works are heavy and deliberate with a palpable enthusiasm for the subject matter.

A painting of a heritage house with warm, red tonesUntitled

I like the range of color that Jacquie is able to cram into a single scene or painting. In her landscapes, for example, bodies of water become swirling fields of multiple colors that blend together to reference a sunset, or mid-afternoon, or the green-grey of a sea under a cloudy sky. The artist uses a variety of techniques to render figures, both human and animal. In some cases, a series of small, splashy brush marks swarms together to form a body or a mass of feathers on a bird. In others, slow, curved strokes create gently moving human forms.


A screen capture of Jacquie Manning's art website

The front page of Jacquie's website


The texture of Jacquie’s works is quite stunning, as well. Her loose style of working is complemented by the almost grainy, rough texture of the painted surface. Each painting seems like it could just as easily be a pastel or chalk drawing.


A stylized painting of a skunk cabbageUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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