Prismatic Mosaics by Tony Cepukas

A mosaic work depicting Neil YoungNeil Young, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel

Tony Cepukas is an artist based in Saint Catherines, Ontario. Utilizing a variety of materials, Tony creates bright, prismatic mosaics of subjects including human figures, landscapes, and geometric mandalas.


A ceramic mandala depicting abstract patternsUntitled mandala, ceramic on fiberboard

For his artworks, Tony frequently draws inspiration from music and pop culture, which seems to add a brightness and exuberance to many of the works. His ceramic mosaics often take famous album covers or musicians as their subject matter, recreating well-known images in a fresh and interesting way.


A screen capture of Tony Cepukas' ornamental glass mosaic galleryTony's ornamental glass gallery on his website


I’m really taken with Tony’s ornamental glass mosaics, in which tiny beads and chunks of brightly coloured, shimmering glass take the place of the ceramic chips that one normally expects in mosaic works. Mainly depicting natural scenery and plants, these ceramics have a really original charm, and the vast range of sparkling colours lends an irresistibly attractive tactility to each work. For more of these glass and ceramic mosaics, visit Tony’s portfolio website, or check out the art of Linda Biggers


A mosaic made from glass beads depicting a seascapeCumulus over Water, ornament glass on fiberboard

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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