Comic Book Figures: Art by Darren Hurst

A drawing of Christopher Reeve as SupermanChristopher Reeve, graphite on bristol

Based in Fresno, California, Darren Hurst is an artist who works in a variety of traditional media. While his portfolio contains a range of styles and subject matter, the artist seems to have a particular fondness for pop-culture, particularly comic book figures.


A painting of two skeletons in an embraceEt Mors Dilectio, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Darren utilizes a skillful, realistic style in many of his works, rendering original forms and recognizable figures with equal finesse. I like the artist’s gallery of acrylic paintings, where he showcases his eye for conceptual figurative painting. Many of the works in this gallery have a surrealist, symbolic appearance, portraying human and abstract forms in bizarre landscapes and situations, or contorted into abstract shapes.


A screen capture of Darren Hurst's websiteThe front page of Darren's website 


In his Fan Art gallery, Darren showcases his ability to draw well-known and beloved characters from comic books and movies. While in some cases, the drawing is an homage to a specific scene of poster, in many cases Darren takes the character and creates an entirely new composition. Each work functions as an idealized movie poster or comic book cover.


An abstract painting using blocks of color to mimic a city streetCity Street, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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