Subtle Textures: Painting by Caroll Mallin

A painting of rolling fields with flowersHigh Country, acrylic

Charlottesville, Virginia-based artist Caroll Mallin creates paintings of everything from pastoral scenes to political protests. The artist’s practice celebrates the subtle textures of everyday objects and settings.


A painting of potted daisiesDaisies, acrylic

The light, loose blending in Caroll’s painted works gives each image a vibrating sense of movement, regardless of subject matter. The artist’s works never seem to suffer from over blending – in her landscapes, every blade of grass or tree leaf seems individually rendered, likewise with feathers on birds, or streaks of color in flower petals.


A gallery of completed paintings on Caroll Mallin's art websiteCaroll's painting gallery on her website


There is a distinctly impressionist style that flows through most of Caroll’s paintings – in a few, she takes water lilies floating on still water as a subject, and the resulting images seem to directly reference paintings by Claude Monet. Caroll’s activist artworks use this same sense of immediacy to great effect, depicting snapshots of recent historic events and movements with a delicate yet deliberate hand. 


An acrylic painting of a young girl at a Martin Luther King gatheringDream Girl

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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