Quiet City Moments: Art by Scott Ivey

A painting of an urban alleyway with cars and buildingsalley #1, oil on canvas

Scott Ivey was born in North Carolina and later relocated to Washington, D.C., studying art at the Corcoran School of Art, Montgomery College, and the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. The artist’s current practice revolves around figurative paintings of quiet city moments.


A watercolor painting of some apartment buildingsMonolith, watercolour


I really enjoy the way Scott uses lighting in his paintings and charcoal works. The latter, in particular, are often monochromatic and echo the look of vintage photographs, with square, stark buildings and bare winter trees populating streets that are void of any people. In these charcoal works, negative space is given form with the strategic placement of lines and patches of shading, forming windows in pale walls and cracks in sidewalks.    


The gallery of oil paintings on Scott Ivey's art websiteScott's gallery of oil paintings on his website


In his oil paintings, Scott focuses a bit more on colour, often selecting intense orange and blue tones to express scenes at sunset or dusk. Some works feature inserts, images placed within the center of a looser, abstracted scene, creating a contrast between the recognizable forms of buildings and the undulating colours and lines that determine a mood. 


A charcoal drawing of a parking lot with a few carslot #1, charcoal

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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