Westcoast Landscape Paintings by Dianne Cuzner

A painting of a house on the coast of an islandWork Where You Play - Play Where You Work - Sunshine Coast, acrylic on canvas

Dianne Cuzner is a landscape painter located in BC. Her loose, westcoast landscape paintings often feature river and ocean-side settings, with bright, lightened hues and autumnal trees offsetting each other. These paintings also inform Dianne’s abstract and photography works.


An abstracted painting of some poppiesGathering Poppies, acrylic on canvas

I like the flowing, casual approach that Dianne seems to take with her paintings. Each one is imbued with a gestural, impressionistic sense of movement that works really well with the water and windswept coastlines that are featured as focal points.


A screen capture of Dianne Cuzner's art websitewww.diannecuzner.com

In her abstract works, Dianne looks closely at the patterns found in nature, using them as inspiration for colorful imagery that suggests roots, flowers and underwater views, without directly depicting these scenes. Her photography focuses on a similar aesthetic, observing the textures of tree bark, frost-covered ground and other natural phenomena with a close-up lens.


A close-up photo of some frost on the groundFrosty Ground, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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