Surreal, Eerie Portraits by Kristin Freznel

A painting of a wide-eyed woman with white hairWisp, acrylic on canvas

Kristin Freznel’s surreal, eerie portraits are equal parts childlike cartoon styling and elongated, expressionist forms. As a pop-surrealist figurative painter, Kristin tends to focus on female figures, blending intricate attention to detail with distorted figures and colours.


A digital painting of a stylized Sailor Moon and LunaSailor Moon and Luna, digital painting


Each of Kristin’s paintings holds an impressive amount of detail – from the way each tendril of hair is rendered smoothly, to the glistening texture of the eyes, it’s clear that the artist possesses great skill with the painted medium. Though the proportions of each figure are heavily distorted and elongated, behind this stylization is an eye for anatomical structures and function.


A screen capture of Kristin Freznel's websiteThe front page of Kristin's website


Kristin works in both traditional and digital painting, working with a similar style in each. The digital medium affords the artist the ability to get even smoother, cleaner lines and a sleeker surface texture. I also really like that Kristin has included some of her sketchbook pieces in her portfolio, allowing the viewer to see some of the less-refined progress. Kristin’s works also make me think a little of Megan Majewski or Zara Spence.

A sketchbook drawing of red riding hood with a pet wolfRed, sketchbook drawing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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