Headlines: Bowie, Pokemon Go and the Border Wall

1) David Bowie's Art Collection to be Auctioned in November

Works by Peter Lanyon and Frank Auerbach in David Bowie's private collection


David Bowie’s private art collection has been revealed to the public. The collection, which boasts over 300 individual works, features art by greats including Damien Hirst, Henry Moore and Marcel Duchamp. The works will be displayed at Sotheby’s in London before being auctioned in November, at which point they are expected to sell for a collective £10 million at least. According to writer and artist Matthew Collings, Bowie’s art collection was reflective of the musician’s vivid personality. In interviews during his lifetime, Bowie had noted that he was an obsessive buyer of art, though his collection had remained mostly unknown.


2) Pokemon Go Players Flock to Museums


A screen capture of Pikachu spotted near a Dan Flavin work


The newly released virtual reality game Pokemon Go has been causing an international stir as obsessed players try to “catch them all” – sometimes with utter disregard for their surroundings. The gameplay takes place on a map that corresponds to the player’s actual location, with real landmarks designated as in-game locations. In light of the Pokemon explosion, some museums (those designated as pokemon gyms or other in-game destinations) are noticing increased foot traffic as players are drawn in by the virtual Pokemon inside. While indeed, traipsing through the city trying to catch Pokemon might be a great way to discover landmarks, critics note that this only works if users occasionally look up from their phones. A couple of petitions have already been levied against the game’s developer, asking for the removal of Pokemon and Pokestops from sensitive cultural landmarks such as Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Museum.


3) Pokemon Banned from Auschwitz Museum


A photo of a person playing Pokemon Go on an iPhone


Facing a similar conundrum, the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Warsaw, Poland has already banned people from playing Pokemon Go on museum grounds, stating that the game is inappropriate within the walls of a memorial to the victims of Nazi persecution. The museum spokesman, Pawel Sawicki, says that museum authorities are trying to get the game’s developer to remove the pokestop in-game designation from the site of the Nazi death camp.


4) Art Duo Starts Border Wall Made From Anti-Trump Artwork


A photo of t.Rutt's anti-Trump border wall installation


The art duo known as t.Rutt have begun construction on the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, originally proposed by Donald Trump in his campaign rally speeches. David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic garnered attention last year for their art project in which they drove an appropriated Trump campaign bus along Trump campaign trail, subtly protesting the presidential candidate. The first section of wall, consisting of 52 cinderblocks as well as a Trump campaign sign and an assortment of fruits and vegetables, stand near Jacumba Hot Springs, CA. The objects intertwined in the fence, including the fruit, represent the trade losses that America will suffer if the wall is actually built.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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