Prairie Terrain: Art by Edie Marshall

A series of paintings of different terrainTerrain (detail)

Edie Marshall is a Saskatchewan-based painter who uses her artwork to look at the prairie landscape and environment. Edie’s recent work centers on photos of the prairie terrain taken during a road trip.


A series of oil paintings of desert terrain mounted on a single sheet of paperTerrain (detail), oil on paper mounted on panel


I really like the impressionistic style that Edie uses in her paintings. I find it works particularly well in her recent Terrain series. For these works, the artist took 1,500 photos on a road trip through desert areas of the United States, many taken from the window of a car. For the art project, Edie used these photos as reference images for 1,000 tiny paintings. Arranged as a grid, each set of paintings offers a flowing selection of landscape, giving the viewer a narrative impression of a trip through that particular environment.


A screen capture of the front  page of Edie Marshall's websiteThe front page of Edie's website


Edie’s Articulated Places series is a similarly cohesive selection of environmental snapshots. Each painting showcases a close-up of prairie grassland. The technique that Edie uses creates an almost abstract appearance, with a range of deep green tones expressed in elongated brush strokes.


A close-up painting of dark prairie grassGrass #8: Grasslands National Park West Block, oil on terra skin paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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