Sleek, Streamlined Products by Joel Yatscoff

A photo of a mirror shaped like a coat hangerHanger Mirror (photo by Lauren Cheong)

Industrial designer Joel Yatscoff creates sleek, streamlined products for a variety of household and other applications. Working to create objects that are serve both as decorative pieces and functional tools, Joel’s portfolio is packed with effort-saving concepts.


A photo of the Vitaliti XPrize TricorderVitaliti XPrize Tricorder (collaboration with Cortex Design Inc. Photo: Dejan Kocetkov)


While the designer’s style varies slightly to suit each different product that he works on, in general he strives for as simple and basic a look as possible for each item. The resulting products are perfect for a modern home, adding functionality and form to any space. In a recent project, Joel helped to design a small, streamlined product for home medical use, with iPhone integration.


A screen capture of Joel Yatscoff's online portfolioThe image gallery on Joel's website


Based in Toronto, Joel and his product designs have been recognized by the Chicago Athenaum Good Design Award, IDEA and the US Patent and Trademark Office. He works both on a freelance basis, and as part of different design teams. 


A creative design featuring logos on a quiltAmerican Comfort Quilt, collaboration with Bradley Price

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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