Vintage Cartoon Aesthetics: Drawing by Jeff Ladouceur

A drawing by Jeff LadouceurUntitled, ink and graphite on paper

Jeff Ladouceur is an artist who specializes in surreal drawings and illustrations that seem inspired by vintage cartoon aesthetics. Working primarily in ink and graphite on paper, Jeff creates works that are quiet, yet have an air of drama.


A drawing by Jeff LadoucuerUntitled, ink and graphite on paper


It’s nice to spend time with Jeff’s works, as they definitely reward a lingering viewer. While they may seem simple on the surface, each work is actually packed with symbolic detail and expert technical details. The figures that populate Jeff’s drawings are slightly bizarre, with bulbous, smooth forms normally reserved for exaggerated figures in old children’s cartoons. Some of these figures are furry as well, shaded with small, sharp pencil marks that blend together into a plush surface.


The off-white base of these works adds to the off-kilter vintage aesthetic, as well as elevating the graphite drawings from simple sketches to polished works of art. Tiki and totem-esque forms also populate the works, reminding me of Ken Ruzic's art.

A drawing of a puffy elephant headbutting a strange totemUntitled, ink and graphite on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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