Therapeutic Pencil Crayon Drawings by Jeffrey M. Green

A pencil crayon drawing of an eagle sitting in a treeVigilance, colored pencil

Jeffrey M. Green uses his artistic talents as a way of working through his struggles with social anxiety. The artist’s therapeutic pencil crayon drawings are also incredibly detailed and express a well-honed skill for figurative drawing.


A self-portrait by pencil crayon artist Jeffrey GreenAwakened, colored pencil


In the pursuit of utilizing art as a means of healing and self-expression, Jeffrey has cultivated a portfolio that is packed with peaceful scenes and still-life works. I enjoy the meditative quality that Jeffrey’s art has – each of these artworks must have taken an incredible amount of time and concentration and the results are a testament to that level of dedication.


A screen capture of Jeffrey M. Green's upcoming book on his portfolioJeffrey's gallery of book previews

The artist’s portraiture is particularly stunning. He’s able to achieve an amazing level of detail, with attention to lighting, textures on fabric, the movements of individual strands of hair and other minutiae. Jeffrey is currently working on a self-published book of art and positive motivational writing, samples of which are available in his portfolio. 


A portrait of a woman prayingCarole, Prayer Series I, colored pencil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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