Intensely Saturated Images: Photography by William Kent

A photograph of autumnal trees over clear water3 Colours at Bridge, photograph

Photographer William Kent creates intensely saturated images and panoramic views of natural landscapes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Kent keeps his portfolio packed with photographs of various places and landscapes throughout North America.


A photo of a gorge in New York state3 Lookout Point, photograph

The colors that William manages to get in each of his photographs are quite astonishing. The landscape views seem even brighter and more vibrant than they would viewed in real life. I’m really a fan of his recent series of photos from the gorge in Walking Glen, New York. The shadowy stone formations, in combination with autumnal trees and beams of sunlight, really creates and enveloping tone for each image, as if the viewer is really there, experiencing these surroundings.


A screen capture of a photo gallery on William Kent's websiteWilliam's website gallery of Newfoundland photos


Almost in contrast to these works are Williams images from Washington, which mainly consist of vast panoramas of open meadow space. The horizon photos really capture the movement of the rolling hills and the shadows created on the ground by clouds. 


A photograph of a meadow in WashingtonPalouse 4, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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