Regal Sculptures of Animals by Jason Shanaman

A sculpture of Christopher, an ape from the Center for Great ApesUntitled, hydrostone with bronze coating

Featured artist Jason Shanaman creates regal sculptures of animals with a particular eye for apes, gorillas and orangutans. Usually working with hydrostone, a strong sculpting plaster, the artist makes lasting sculptures and functional, wearable objects.


A sculpture of Mari from the Center for Great ApesMari

The detail that Jason is able achieve in his works is quite impressive. For apes, each hair seems perfectly placed and delineated – for reptiles, each individual scale is treated with equal importance. Jason has a series of ape and orangutan busts. Each of these works is imbued with a great sense of expression and personality, coming from the well-sculpted facial lines and eyes that seem to sparkle with life despite the monochromatic nature of the work.


A screen capture of Jason Shanaman's art websiteThe front  page of Jason's website


Aside from straight sculpture, Jason also creates jewelry, sculpting small ape and reptilian pendants that can be worn around the neck for a great pop of naturalistic style. The artist’s series of small jewelry boxes with sculpted bearded dragons sitting atop them are perfect not only as storage boxes but as conversation pieces.


A jewelry box topped with a sculpture of a bearded dragonBearded Dragon Jewelry Box (bronze finish)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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