The Human Form in Action: Art by Edward Bock

An artwork featuring human-shaped cut outs in rusted acrylicConfluence #11422015, iron and copper oxide with acrylic on acrylic panel

Featured artist Edward Bock has built a practice around examining the human form in action. Working over a variety of media, the artist creates abstract and figural works, often depicting simplified figures in cohesive, choreographed groups.


A wall installation of human figures cut from an acrylic sheetFestival, acrylic on carved acrylic panel

I think Edward’s series of Rust Forms is a particularly good example of the way he captures movement in his work. These pieces are made on carved acrylic panels using a mixture of iron and copper oxide to create a rusted, metallic look. The combination of the metals - normally seen as a strong and rigid material – and the acrylic paint on overlapping forms creates an interesting contrast and a dynamic look.

A screen capture of Edward Bock's website


Also included in Edward’s portfolio is a series of abstract mixed media works made with acrylic, graphite and charcoal on canvas. These works combine a multitude of textures and aesthetics, with an interesting focus on negative space. Overlapping lines and geometric shapes give the impression of movement on a busy city street.


An abstract painting made with mixed media on a neutral backgroundAugust, acrylic, graphite and charcoal on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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