Whimsical, Organic Aesthetic: Art by Kathleen MacGregor

An abstracted painting of some plant forms on a colorful backgroundWalking Into the Forest, acrylic on canvas

Kathleen MacGregor makes art across a wide range of media, all of it with a whimsical, organic aesthetic. Whether she’s working with painting, photography or print, the artist captures the softness in the forms of trees, flowers, birds and other animals.


A print of a patterned bee on a flowerBee Sun 1

It’s interesting to see how Kathleen’s style translates into different formats throughout her portfolio. In her gallery of prints, for examples, there are numerous examples of similar images being duplicated in different colors, or with slightly different patterns laid over top of them. Kathleen leaves plenty of space for experimentation in her practice, and it’s nice to be able to look at all of these experiments on her website.


The front page of Kathleen MacGregor's art websiteThe front page of Kathleen's website


I’m also really taken with the artist’s series of Mason Jar Lumieres. These works, essentially strings of mason jars wrapped with what appears to be colorful scenes on paper maché, offer beautiful, autumnal lighting for any space while the leaves and plants on the wrapping add a beautifully rustic touch.


A photo of mason jars turned into lampsMason Jar Lumieres

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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