Organized Minimalist Structures: Art by Nadia Secreto

A detail photo of an art installation involving water dripping onto a strip of metalI can Hear the Sound of my own Tear (shot #2), plastic bags, ice, wood, tin

Nadia Secreto creates organized minimalist structures for both indoor and outdoor formats. In addition to these sculptural works, Nadia also works in photography, her portfolio offering a wide selection of quiet, gritty black and white images.


A photograph of the sun peeking through a dense thicket of treesInternal Space (Shot #1)

Nadia’s photography portfolio is quite beautiful. Organized into a number of different galleries, each series of photos tells a story about a particular place, feeling or moment in time. Most of the works are in black and white, and those that are in color are slightly muted and desaturated, creating a nostalgic feeling as if they are fragments of memories.


The front  page of Nadia Secreto's art websiteThe front page of Nadia's website


In her sculpture and installation practice, Nadia often uses premade objects and found materials, deconstructing them to look at their shape, texture, or out-of-context function. In a recent work, We Are Here, the artist created a strange form out of curved, two-dimensional cut-outs, placing it in various locations to differing effect. 


An abstract sculpture placed in some tall grassWe are Here

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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