Ultra-Simplified Style: Illustration by Ben Wiseman

An illustration of a man's legs stepping on a woman's hands on a ladderUntitled

Ben Wiseman is an artist and graphic illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.  His bright, ultra-simplified style has graced the covers of magazines including TIME and Newsweek.


I’m really impressed by Wiseman’s ability to convey an idea in the most concise possible image. A majority of his graphic works feature a single subject placed in the center of a monochromatic plane. Oftentimes, the subject itself will be reduced to a silhouetted form, or a three-dimensional shape with different tones providing the illusion of volume.


A modern update of a famous pointillist paintingUntitled

I also find the “People” section of Wiseman’s website quite charming. He uses the same simplified treatment for his human figures, reducing them to skin tone and the silhouette of a body or the lines of clothing. Yet, even devoid of almost all context, these figures still manage to have a great deal of impact and presence, especially with the occasional extraneous detail that is thrown in, such as a tattoo or a mole. 


A graphic illustration of Wonder Woman sitting alone in a theatreUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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