The Search for Meaning: Art by Laura Berger

A painting of several people waving patterned blanketsCeremonies for the Self

Chicago-based artist Laura Berger creates artworks that explore the search for meaning on a personal, human scale as well as on a larger, societal one. The works are figurative and tend to feature simplified human forms interacting with minimalist backgrounds and objects.


A painting patterned with similar naked human figuresTides


Though she works in many media including digital art, painting and sculpture, I find that her paintings are where Berger’s style truly shines. These works function almost equally well as figurative paintings, and patterned, geometric abstractions. Human figures - simplified, bendy, with black hair and varied skin tone – dance across fields of negative space, sometimes holding intricately patterned objects like blankets, and other times forming a pattern in their own placement.


Laura Berger’s website also features a selection of animated GIFs which are simple and utterly charming. Each one comprises on or two human figures, usually performing a simple movement – ranging from a shrug of the shoulders to an elaborate fall onto a see-saw. These remind me a bit, in tone and medium, of the art of Sarah Kaltwasser.



A screen capture of a gif animationLaunch, animated gif

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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