Studio Sunday: Cindy Sherman

A photograph of the interior of Cindy Sherman's studio


Cindy Sherman is a New York-based artist who, since the mid-1970s, has been crafting self-portraits in which she dons elaborate costumes to assume numerous alternate identities, both of anonymous characters and well-known public figures.


Sherman has continued to make these photographs for the past several decades, and her art space now reflects her expertise, like a spacious backstage area for some sort of modern theatre. I really enjoy the shelf full of wigs on the right side of the frame, and all of the studio camera equipment. Sherman has everything that she needs to change her identity numerous times without leaving the space.


Overall the studio looks well-lit, big and bright. The hardwood floors are another interesting choice, and one that sets it apart from other studios where there would be too much risk of spillage to put in anything but concrete or tile. I also like seeing the rolled-up backdrops along the ceiling – the artist must be able to convert that wall into a professional photo backdrop in no time. In our previous feature of Cindy Sherman, you can see a photo with one of the backdrops rolled down to cover the wall.


Sherman does all of her own makeup, costuming and set design, so it’s likely that she spends a lot of time alone in this studio space. She’s considered to be part of the “pictures generation” along with fellow female conceptual artists like Louise Lawler and Barbara Kruger.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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