Bold, Textured Style: Art by Angela R. Green

A colorful painting of ice dropping into a drinkMocha Freeze II, acrylic, acrylic markers, watercolor, ink and coffee on canvas

Angela R. Green creates artworks in a bold, textured style, often making alterations to her exact style to suit different subjects. The artist’s affinity for music is clear throughout her practice, even in paintings that depict other subjects.


A painting of a father and daughter with abstracted facesDaddy's Girl, acrylic on canvas

Though many of the works on her portfolio website are figurative, Angela seems to bring an abstract sensibility to her painting style, often exaggerating certain features of a subject, or blending objects with backgrounds in bright panels of color. Recently the artist has been using watercolor and mixed media in her paintings to create translucent, splashes of color. Subjects including animals, jazz musicians and instruments, and still life objects are rendered in an iridescent rainbow of colors.


A gallery of jazz-themed paintings by Angela R. GreenThe Essence of Jazz gallery on Angela's website


Angela is also a poet, having published a book of poems entitled Words of Life to a Dying Soul. The book is available for purchase through the artist’s website. Angela also spread her love for the arts to new generations by teaching and encouraging young people to explore their interests in dance, writing and visual arts.


A mixed media painting of a colorful zebraStarburst, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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