Meditations on Modern Living: Art by Laine Godsey

A sculptural installation incorporating fabric piecesPink Roller

Laine Gosdey is a sculptor and installation artist who works with found materials and fabrics, among other media. Laine’s works often combine motifs of nature with meditations on modern living and relationships.

A sculptural installation utilizing wood and stoneArticles (detail)

Textiles and components of furniture are a common thread throughout Laine’s practice. I’m particularly taken by the textured pieces of foam – possibly pilfered from bedding, cushions or upholstery – that become strange, mystical artefacts when combined with monolithic standing forms or patches of hair and fiber. There is something vaguely eerie about the majority of Laine’s works, a feeling which can perhaps be credited to the wrapped and bundled sheets of fabric that tend to appear as though they are concealing something.


A gallery of work on Lane Godsey's art websiteLaine's Pruning Tips series


The title of Laine’s series Pruning Tips solidifies the sculpture’s relationship to nature, or at least, nature that’s dominated by a human hand. Laine’s online portfolio includes moments of photography as well, used both as inspiration for sculptural forms and added context within a series. It’s quite interesting to view these photos and spot the parallels between them and the artist’s sculptures. 


A photo of two well-kept hedgesWhat Lies Between, digital print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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