Perception and Experience: Multimedia Art by Shawn Olin Jordan

An abstracted photo of a mysterious sceneUntitled, photograph

Shawn Olin Jordan uses her multidisciplinary practice to explore the mysteries of human perception and experience. With a portfolio that includes photography, performance, video, and more, Shawn likewise challenges her own modes of seeing the world.

An abstracted photo of a building interiorUntitled, photograph

Some of Shawn’s most recent works come in the form of a photo series titled ALTERNATIVE WORLDS. These photos border on abstraction, depicting fragmented close-ups of highly textured environments (and in one case a dark photo of the moon behind a tree branch.) I like the way the title of the series serves to frame these images in a new light, encouraging the viewer to imagine narratives for these images, rather than seeing them as abstract or trying to figure out what they actually depict.


A screen capture of the front page of Shawn Jordan's art websiteThe front page of Shawn's website

Much of Shawn’s practice is highly concerned with spiritual activities and experiences. Several of her video projects, for example, focus on our tendency to place importance upon, and to revere, certain formations of land or objects and statues. Shawn’s portfolio overall is an interesting contrast between the immediacy of lived experience and the timelessness of religious and spiritual objects. 


A still of a snowy mountain from an art videosacred not sacred: pligrimage (video still)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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