Crooked Toe Studio: Sculpture by Leanne Schnepp

A sculpture of PersephonePersephone, stoneware clay, stained and glazed, with stucco and welded steel

Sculptor Leanne Schnepp works out of her Crooked Toe Studio, creating artworks of clay that sometimes incorporate welded metal components. Leanne’s recent works have largely focused on costumed anthropomorphic figures.


A sculpture of an antelope with a human faceAntelope Key Holder, stoneware clay, stained and glazed, with wire


I enjoy the variety of textures that Leanne utilizes in her artworks. In her figures, for example, the faces tend to be slightly more textured, earthy-colored with an almost orange-peel mottled look to them. By contrast, the outfits and hats that the figures wear are often incredibly smooth and shiny, like metallic surfaces.


A screen capture of the front page of Leanne Schnepp's art


Leanne’s figures are often animals, or at least, not quite human. In her recent works, which focus mainly on faces, the bust of the figure is curved backward to mount to the wall which creates a strange, almost bird-like appearance when viewed head-on. Previous works by Leanne have included a series of monsters, similarly stylized in an almost-human fashion. Check out these monsters and more of Leanne’s mythical, lively pottery on her website.


A stoneware clay sculpture of some red birds on a beamUntitled, stoneware clay birds and shelf, etched, underglazes, stained, and glazed

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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