Headlines: Iraqi Art, Prison Art, Political Art

1) Artists to Restage Baghdad Exhibition

A photo of a bombed-out shopping center in Karrada, Baghdad


At the end of August, a group of artists led by Iraqi-Canadian artist Riyadh Hashim, came together for an art show that they staged in the ruins of a bombed-out shopping center in the Karrada district of Baghdad. The shopping center had been the site of a vehicular suicide bombing that killed over 300 people at the beginning of July. While Hashim’s pop-up art show was shut down by local police within a few hours, the artists are hoping to restage it. The original show had verbal permission from the mayor’s office of Baghdad, and though it was shut down too quickly, it made an impression on 150 visitors, as well as those who were able to see pictures on Iraqi television.


2) Ontario Exhibition Focuses on Inmate Art

A Canadian Prison Cell by Peter Collins


Here’s a look at a Brampton, Ontario exhibition put on by The Bridge, an organization that helps prison inmates with reintegration into society following their release. All of the artworks in the show, aptly titled From The Inside Out, were produced by Canadian inmates. The works presented in the show are often skillful, if sometimes difficult to look at, especially understanding the circumstances under which they were produced. Curator and Bridge executive director Garry Glowacki hopes that the show will give inmates a chance to be seen as people, rather than statistics.



3) Rob Pruitt Show Switches Focus to Obama Following Election


A painting of president Obama by Rob Pruitt


Gavin Brown’s Enterprise gallery in New York has been planning a solo exhibition with Robb Pruitt – while for the past few months the plan has been to base the show around Pruitt’s “celebrity lookalike” works, in light of the recent election results the show may take a different direction. A press release by the gallery yesterday clarified that the show would feature a selection of Pruitt’s paintings of president Obama. The artist has apparently created an Obama painting every morning since the president was elected eight years ago.


4) Left-Wing Duo T.Rutt Left Out of Art Fair Following Election


Flag Desecration Artwork by T.Rutt


Speaking of post-election changes, here’s another update on the anti-Trump bus. The bus, a moving art installation by duo T.Rutt, was set to be displayed at the Red Dot Art Fair in Miami in early December. However, following the shocking results of the U.S. election earlier this month, the duo received an unexpected email from Eric Smith, CEO of Redwood Media Group (the company that currently owns the Red Dot Fair), stating that he had “decided to pass on… the bus display and flag.” T.Rutt’s installation had included an American flag decorated with a transcription of some of Trump’s misogynist comments.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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