Entropy and Imperfection: Ceramics by Taryn Porter

A photo of three handmade ceramic bowlsUschi bowls

Ceramics artist Taryn Porter creates works of both conceptual and functional ceramics, addressing themes of entropy and imperfection. Taryn’s portfolio showcases a variety of techniques, as well as some experimentation with photography.


A handmade cup with earthy glazesCup 1


In our last feature of Taryn’s work we looked at the artist’s ceramic sculptures, such as Degradation, where the slow breakdown of unfired clay by water is explored with a sense of quiet elegance. Taryn’s functional ceramics are of course, designed to withstand water, but many of the pieces still express an interest in the slight, natural variations and imperfections in shape and color that come along with hand-made bowls and dishes.


A screen capture of Taryn Porter's art websitewww.tarynporter.com


Working with earthy glazes, Taryn creates simple-shaped bowls and plates. I like the somewhat minimalist look of these dishes, where there is little to distract from the smooth forms and uniquely blended glazes. 


A photo of a small orange-colored cup2014 Sheeno Cup

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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