Text and Found Objects by Morgan Wedderspoon

A close-up image of a printed artist's bookSurface Reader 3 (detail), woodcut, digital print

Morgan Wedderspoon recently completed an MFA from the University of Alberta. Her mixed media works incorporate printmaking and bookmaking techniques, sometimes combining text and found objects.


An installation view of an artwork consisting of silhouetted images on paperCoincidence (detail), unbound book: photo-intaglio, letterpress


In her thesis project From the Surface, Morgan arranged a number of found objects on a table in a sort of bizarre anthropological display, then created a series of works based around these objects. The works, made with a combination of woodcut and digital print techniques, each depict a small selection of objects unified under a common word. I really like the way Morgan incorporates text into these prints as subtly as possible, making each letter look like it was made by dragging a finger across a fogged window.


An artwork pictured on Morgan Wedderspoon's portfolio websiteAn installation photo on Morgan's website


Morgan’s older print collages and assemblages now offer an interesting prelude to her object collections, each of these two-dimensional image consisting of a variety of collected shapes exploding out of a central mass. 


A page from an artist's book by Morgan WedderspoonCoincidence - Page 3, photo-intaglio, chine-collé

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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