Esoteric Guidance: Art and Writing by Allison Rennie

The front page of a handmade book by Allison RennieNuthatch Handmade Book Cover, canvas with Japanese stab stitch binding


Poet and artist Allison Rennie creates work in a range of media including text, visual art, and esoteric guidance. Allison’s writing, bookmaking and photography fit into her spiritual practice as tangible entryways into more meditative thinking.


A poem by Allison RennieElegy for Nuthatch, original poem

I enjoy the way that Allison presents her poetry on her portfolio website. Each poem is accompanied by an image – sometimes directly related to the subject matter, and other times more tangential. The poems themselves are simple but effective, using everyday language and subject matter to provoke deeper thought.


The front page of Allison Rennie's art websiteThe front page of Allison's portfolio website


Allison also offers services as an “animateur,” someone that in the artist’s words “help[s] to create space that allows people to flourish, to learn and to make changes.” Allison’s portfolio work showcases her skills at animating and inspiring her own practice, offering confidence that she can do the same in others. 


An excerpt from a poem by Allison RennieThe Spirit of Haida Gwaii @ YVR (except), original poem

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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