Headlines: Skulptur, Empty, and Marijuana

1) Empty Gallery: A Pitch Black Art Space in Hong Kong

Guests viewing a Takashi Makino film at Empty Gallery in Hong Kong


A Hong Kong gallery is flipping the script as far as gallery design goes. Hong Kong’s recently-expanded Empty Gallery is a two-floor space with entirely black walls, floors, and even fixtures - the complete opposite of the pristine white cube that we’ve come to expect from gallery spaces. Founder Stephen Cheng believes that a pitch black space is the ideal conductor for art experience. At the very least, the nature of the space makes room for some interesting and innovative artworks that may not have the same impact in a white-walled space, such as Takashi Makino’s 3-D film, “Cinéma Concert.”


2) Juneau Museum Adds Gram of Legal Pot to Collection


James Brooks and Jodi DeBruyne at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum


A gram of some of the first marijuana legally sold in Alaska has been donated to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. The marijuana was purchased on November 23rd by journalist James Brooks, the second person in the city to purchase it legally. The donation marks an important part of modern history in the making – history that, according to Curator of Collections Jodi DeBruyne, can enhance any museum’s collection. As an exhibit, the marijuana will serve to keep open the discussion on changing attitudes in the Juneau community.


3) Artists Create Free Shareable Anti-Trump Protest Art

An anti-trump artwork by Gary Richard Smith


In an act of solidarity, a number of artists have created anti-Trump works and made them available for free, in the hopes that the politically-minded will continue to use them for various protests throughout the next four years. The website Hair on Fire features work by a number of artists that can be used as imagery on posters, stickers, buttons and more. The website also includes links to places where protestors can buy other supplies. Brooklyn artist Crys Yin has also started a website called Lost and Found Resistance, posting a series of posters in the style of biting political cartoons.


4) Teasers for 2017 Skulptur Projekte Münster 

A photo of Michael Smith in his Austin, TX home 

Skulptur Projekte Münster, a once-per-decade German public art show in the title city, is set to happen from June 10 to October 1, 2017, and organizers are already revealing some of the artists and artworks that will be appearing. Among the artists is American Michael Smith, who plans to open a tattoo parlour aimed specifically at a 65-and-over demographic. The tattoo designs will feature imagery of works from past Skulptur Projekte exhibitions.


5)  Emoji Collection Goes On Display at MoMA

A set of the original emoji by Shigetaka Kurita 

The original set of 176 emojis is now on display at MoMA NY. The museum acquired the set, originally released in 1999 by Japanese cellular company NTT Docomo, earlier this year. As part of the exhibit, MoMA has included an “emoji interpreter” of sorts, which lets guests see what the current equivalent of each emoji looks like.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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