Graphic Planes of Color: Art by Stephen Middleton

A self-portrait by Stephen MiddletonSelf Portrait 1999, acrylic on canvas

Stephen Middleton’s artworks are influenced by the artist’s eye for the human figure, plus a background in modeling. His works begin with Stephen photographing his subject, then painting it in graphic planes of color.


A painting of buildings on a Vancouver street cornerKeefer Street, acrylic on canvas

Stephen’s acrylic paintings often look like heavily manipulated photographs, themselves. Looking through the artist’s portfolio it’s even surprising in some cases to know that the works are painted in acrylic. I really enjoy the hard-edged, bright and colorful style that Stephen uses, particularly in his architectural paintings. Statues, brick buildings and skyscrapers alike look like they belong in an animation.


The painting gallery on Stephen Middleton's art websiteStephen's online painting portfolio

Of course, the artist’s figurative works lend themselves equally well to his style of painting. Toning down the detail in favor of bright colors, Stephen creates portraits and figures that would be at home with the works of pop-art stars such as Andy Warhol


A painting of some Dogwood flowersDogwood, acrylic on canvas


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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