Curated Art Collection: Moon

Painting of the moon above tall grass


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Each week we present a collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week the theme is Moon. As in the dead rock planet illuminated by our sun. As in the fabled and majestic sphere that humans have obsessed over. I chose the theme of moon after watching it rise over a small mountain from the perch of a condo balcony. At first I could only see a troubling glow as though there was a forest fire on the other side of the mountain's peak. Then the moon emerged, one silvery sliver at a time and proceeded to make a surprisingly rapid sashay across the star-studded sky. These artists understand the dramatics of that heavenly megastar. The moon isn't in the spotlight - the moon is the spotlight. Here are some carefully selected artworks curated around the idea of moon.


Painting of a celestial orb over a city at night

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high contrast image

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Pointillism painting of a moon

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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