Overlapping Color Planes: Art by Laurie J. Cochrane

A painting of an aerial view of a beachNingaloo Blues, giclee print on archival paper

Laurie J Cochrane is a painter and sometimes-photographer currently based in Australia. The artist has an abstracted style that distills land and cloudscapes into overlapping color planes.


A loose painting of an Australian landscapeOutback Wildflowers, acrylic on board


Laurie’s online portfolio is packed with painted works in a variety of media. While the artist frequently uses acrylic or oil paint, she has also experimented with encaustic, ceramic, and other different media. Many of Laurie’s painted works depict the Australian landscape, from aerial views of beaches to images of trees and horizon lines. Her style is loose, with painted marks that often look like they may have been produced with a palette knife.


The front page of Laurie J. Cochrane's art websitewww.lauriejcochrane.com


I’m also a fan of Laurie’s Cloudspotting works. Each of the oil paintings in this gallery documents a different cloud formation. Using predominantly shades of light blue and white, the artist captures the ethereal, constantly-shifting quality of her subjects with precision. In subject matter, these are reminiscent of the work of Ian Fisher


A painting of dark clouds over a forestGeorgian Bay Cloudspotting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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