Close-Up Views: Photography by L.M. Braun

A photo of a thistle plantThistle, digital image

Luis Miguel Braun, also known as L.M. Braun, is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in stylized photographs of the local landscape and flora. Luis’ photographs often put the focus on close-up views of individual plants and natural features.

A subdued macro photo of a cactusCacti, digital infrared image

I enjoy the sense of color that Luis brings to all of his works. Though the photographs in his portfolio range from highly saturated to subdued, the majority of them seem to have undergone some manipulation to isolate the most interesting shades and tones.


A screen capture of L.M. Braun's art


In our last feature we looked at some of Luis’ more experimental photography, such as in his 12-stations project, which featured double exposures and a film-negative aesthetic. Luis is pretty good at tailoring his lighting and color techniques to suit the subject matter – icy winter landscapes, for example, are toned down and desaturated, while portraits of swordplay performers are lit starkly against monochromatic backgrounds. 


A photograph of two swordplay students at the Vancouver Swordplay Symposium 2015Matheus Ceasar

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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