Studio Sunday: Lara Schnitger

A photo of Lara Schnitger in her Los Angeles studio


Lara Schnitger was born in the Netherlands and has traveled throughout the world exhibiting her work. She is best known for sculptures made from fabrics, including found textiles. Schnitger currently divides her time between Los Angeles and Amsterdam. The studio pictured above is the artist’s Los Angeles space.


Schnitger’s studio is quite big, and here has a definitely warehouse-type aesthetic, with bare white walls and a high ceiling with exposed beams. I like the sculpture that’s visible behind Schnitger in this photo – it adds an extra dimension to the space and seems as though it belongs in the studio, reaching up into the rafters.


There are two ladders beside Schnitger in this photo – I wonder if she has them placed there just to get the black and white striped sculpture set up, or if she frequently hangs works from the ceiling in her studio space. The space certainly looks like it would stand up well to such a use. There seems to be a small window behind the artist, covered over with wrought-iron bars. It has an industrial, somewhat foreboding look to it, though the lack of windows would at the very least give the artist ample space for displaying works on the walls.


While the majority of the artist’s work is three-dimensional, Schnitger has previously created a number of two-dimensional mixed media works. The studio above would certainly have the space for experimentation, and the artist would likely have another space in Amsterdam. Schnitger is currently represented by  galleries in London, New York and Berlin. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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