Kinetic Lenz: Art by Len Millward

Summer Afternoon


Len Millward has been creating works of kinetic sculpture since 1968, when he discovered the practice as part of his studies in Art Education at Colorado State College. Len’s “Kinetic Lenz” works take the form of videos and stills filled with refracted rays of colored light.


A still of Len Millward's kinetic lenzUntitled (still)


Len’s video works leave the exact nature of the kinetic device ambiguous, focusing instead on the imagery that it creates in combination with a video camera lens. What appears to be a slowly-rotating mirrored surface reflects unidentifiable smudges of color and shape, leaving the viewer to either revel in the ambiguity, or attempt to piece together concrete images. Many of the videos, and the still photographs, tend toward a monochromatic or two-toned color scheme.


A screen capture of Len Millward's art


This, combined with unique musical accompaniment, lends each video a very specific mood.

I also enjoy looking through Len’s gallery of Kinetic Lenz stills – these images are more kaleidoscopic and seem to feature a wider range of colors and defined shapes than the moving videos. 


Soft Game Changer

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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