Impressionist Aesthetic: Art by Gary Doll

A painting of wetlands in the BC interiorWetlands-Kelowna, B.C., oil on wood

Gary Doll is an artist who currently lives and works in Kelowna, BC. Gary’s paintings have an impressionist aesthetic and portray a range of facets of the Canadian landscape, from sunlit prairie scenes to mountain ranges and cities.


A painting of a church in QuebecSaint Jean sur Richileau - Quebec, oil on canvas

I like the way that Gary has developed a distinct style but still manages to carve out room for the occasional experiment or departure. I enjoy the style that Gary employs in the majority of his works – a loose, pointed style where brush marks are quick and deliberate. Elsewhere in his portfolio, though, occasionally a painting appears more smoothed out and gestural or even painted with a palette knife.


The front page of Gary Doll's artist websiteGary's website front page


Gary also dabbles in abstraction, producing works that are highly textured though often less saturated than his figurative works.  His abstractions are quite atmospheric, and the recent ones especially all seem to have a rather calming mood about them. Paint is scraped in layers across the surface to create a mottled look that combines multiple hues. 


An abstract painting with a pale backgroundScrape - Lightning Strike, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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