Message of Hope: Art by Lynne Stewart

A watercolor painting of a village in purple tonesViolet Village, watercolor

Lynne Stewart makes art as a way of connecting with the outside world, projecting a message of hope both for herself and for viewers. The artist works in paint and pastel, depicting everything from landscapes to pet portraits.


A painting of a small creek lined with treesToward the Light, oil on canvas

It’s really interesting to be able to view a progression of Lynne’s artistic style with the images available on her portfolio. In her gallery of pastel works from the 60’s and 70’s, the artist leans into a heavier style of abstraction, creating planes of bright color and overlapping form. Portraits also appear in this gallery, and they reflect the gestural style that Lynne focuses on in her current works.


A screen capture of Lynne Stewart's fine art websiteThe front page of Lynne's portfolio website


I especially enjoy the artist’s landscapes. These are often painted in a tighter, more detailed style than some of her other subjects, and the works offer windows into deep, fully formed scenes that a viewer can spend a while exploring. 


An abstract painting by Lynne StewartA Country Walk, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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