Layered Acrylic Washes: Art by Gette Jones

A painting of a woman in a red hatWoman in a Red Hat, acrylic on canvas

Featured artist Georgette (Gette) Jones has been passionate about the arts since she was a child. Her current body of work centers on bright, colorful paintings that use layered acrylic washes to build up stylized figures and flowing abstractions.


A patterned portrait of a man in blueEveryday Angel #11, acrylic on canvas

Gette’s paintings have an inviting, energetic feeling. I love the way that the artist layers colors, creating a subtle rippling pattern that echoes the curves of running water or dappling sunlight. Human figures, often people of color, are the central subjects of the majority of Gette’s works. The way Gette poses her figures, often including somewhat symbolic objects in the field of view, creates a spiritual undertone that adds a deeper narrative to the images without being too esoteric or obtuse.


A screen capture of a gallery on Gette Jones' art websiteGette's gallery of current paintings


Gette has also created a large number of commercial artworks, many of which combine abstract imagery with calligraphic text. Some works feature spiritual sayings or proverbs hand-written over custom colored paper, while another series features abstracted flower arrangements that look like beautiful, otherworldly foliage. 


A collage of an abstract plant formDana/036B/New!, collage on card stock

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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