Digital and Traditional Drawings by El Celso

A digital drawing of a woman in profileNicola 2

El Celso is a multidisciplinary artist who works in both Los Angeles and New York. The artist’s works range from performances to public installations to digital and traditional drawings.


An abstract digital drawing101, digital

I’m really enjoying the recent two-dimensional works that El Celso has added to his portfolio website. The artist has been particularly prolific in digital media, creating series of both abstract artworks and portraiture. It’s quite interesting being able to see both different styles alongside each other. El Celso’s digital portraits are bright and vibrant, featuring oft-smiling faces, drawing in a slightly sketched style, on solid monochromatic backgrounds. By contrast, the artist’s abstractions are almost exclusively done in layers of earthy, flesh-toned hues, with apparently non-figurative shapes often tricking the viewer’s eye into seeing a face or a human silhouette.


The front page of El Celso's art websiteThe front page of El Celso's portfolio website


El Celso’s portfolio also features a series of paintings, many of which are figures laid onto plexiglass. The effect is reminiscent of the artist’s work with clear plastic bottles, which we looked at in our previous feature of his installations and interventions. 


A photograph of an artwork on plexiglassSupah-Stah, spray paint and marker on plexiglass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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