Stillness and Solitude: Photography by Madi Chambers

A set still from the shoot of Belle and Sebastian's The Party LineBelle & Sebastian - The Party Line, set still, (directed by LeBlanc + Cudmore, produced by Jennifer Millington)

Ontario artist Madi chambers captures moments of movement as well as stillness and solitude. Working primarily in photography, the artist’s portfolio includes personal subjects as well as stills from music video shoots.


A photograph of a chair covered in fabricBaby Zita, photograph


I enjoy the way Madi builds different photographic compositions around different subjects, focusing on whatever needs to be the focus of a particular image. In her Organs series, which we looked at in our previous feature of her domestic photographs, Madi embraces an interesting combination of stark, brightly lit space and diffused, colored light, creating images that seem at once isolated and warm.


A screen capture of Madi Chambers' photography


The set stills that Madi has available on her portfolio website are quite striking as well. The difference in tone and aesthetic between two separate video productions is incredible to see when the images are placed side-by-side. I find these images great examples of not only the artist’s versatility with the photographic medium, but also the wide range of subjects that are waiting to be captured. 


A set still from the production of Michael Rault's Too Bad So SadMichael Rault - Too Bad So Sad, set still

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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