Illustrative, Kid-Friendly Images by Maria Angela Reyes

A painting of an upside-down catGATO INVERTIDO, oil on canvas

Maria Angela Reyes shows her love of cats in all media. Based in Bogota, Colombia, Maria works in paint, digital media and engraving to create illustrative, kid-friendly images.


A digital illustration of a blue catGato Azul, digital illustration


I love the amount of stylistic variation that appears between different images in Maria’s portfolio. Particularly in her Cat Art gallery, Maria’s style ranges from finely detailed and semi-realistic to bright and blocky with more of an abstracted aesthetic. In some cases, these two extremes can appear in one painting, with a feline figured rendered in detail over a background made up of planes of bright, surreal color.


The front page of Maria Angela Reyes' art websiteThe front page of Maria's website


It’s interesting to see Maria’s style translated into digital art. Her small collection of digital works includes illustrations of both female human portraits and cats, with a lightly humorous level of similarity between the two. Though the digital medium lends itself to smoother lines and brighter colors, Maria’s unique style is as strong as ever. 


A digital drawing of a woman with pink hairPink, digital illustration

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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