Multiple Exposures: Experimental Photography by Jessica Eaton

A photographic image by Jessica Eatoncfaal 260, pigment print

Jessica Eaton is an experimental photographer who creates abstract images using traditional photographic materials in a decidedly non-traditional manner. Many of Eaton’s photographs are based on multiple exposures of simple objects that are then heavily processed using analog development techniques.


A photographic image by Jessica Eaton after Sonia DelaunaySonia 03 (Sonia Delaunay, Diagonale, 1970), pigment print

I love how different Eaton’s works look from any other type of photography. In fact, it’s almost difficult to tell that these are photographs in the way that one generally thinks of the medium. Eaton often works by photographing supplies or tools in her studio, exposing a single film negative multiple times to create an image that is surreal and abstracted before it ever leaves the camera. Through dark room processing, she produces images that are akin to minimalist geometric abstraction seen in the mid 1900’s, though through a medium that is quite novel.


Eaton is well aware of the stylistic parallels between her work and the work of 20th century minimalists – in the title for one series, she references Josef Albers and Sol Lewitt. The frequent cube motifs also remind me of the work of Piotr Kowalski.


A photographic abstract image with overlapping lines and circlesTransition H45, pigment print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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