FeltCandy: Textile Art by Alli Brumwell

A top-down photo of a felted bowlYellow Daisy Happy Bowl, crocheted and hand-knit wet-felted new wool with needle-felted daisy

Alli Brumwell is the artist behind FeltCandy, a textile art studio located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Alli uses felting technique to create a wide range of art pieces in the form of functional objects as well as one-of-a-kind decorative pieces.


A photo of a stack of felted bowlsvarious Man Bowls, crocheted and hand-knit wet-felted new wool

The items designed and created by FeltCandy all project a cheery, bright personality, something that the artist notes is quite intentional. Whether you’re looking at the ornamental birds, made from brightly-colored balls of felted fabric, or the so-called “man bowls” – useful bowls made in sober, neutral colors – you’re bound to feel a sense of soft contentment creeping in. I really enjoy the attention to detail in these works, like in the “happy bowls,” each of which includes a sculpted centerpiece within it.


The website of Vancouver-based textile art studio FeltCandywww.feltcandy.com


Alli also creates greeting cards that are decorated with felted elements – often in the form of cartoonish owls and blocked-out lettering. The studio also offers “pass it on” cards, which have multiple, removable paper sheets inside, to encourage recipients to tear out the original message and re-use the card, a great way to embrace re-gifting as a thoughtful way to save paper. 


A paper card with felted owls attached to the frontOwl Card

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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