Spiritual Energies and Mythology: Art by Emily K. Grieves

A painting of two women by Emily K. GrievesLeaning In, acrylic on canvas

After spending time in Germany and the United States, Emily K. Grieves is now based in Teotihuacan, Mexico, where she creates paintings and drawings that deal with spiritual energies and mythology. Emily’s recent works of Muses, Myths and Messages frequently focus on female figures painted in rich, earthy tones.


An acrylic painting of a figure with symbols and talismansTalisman: Treasure Yourself, acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the intersection between the modern and the ancient in Emily’s works. Her color palette, and often the composition of her paintings suggest centuries-old religious artworks with deeper symbolism embedded in every object and brush mark. Her figures, however, are varied and often wear modern clothing, giving the viewer a more obvious point of entry into the image, and allowing for a connection to be made.


A screen capture of Emily K. Grieves' art websiteThe front page of Emily's website


Emily’s portfolio is quite packed, and the artist uses a very cohesive style overall. Heavily outlined figures and solid, textured planes of color create images that seem more concerned with subject and symbolism than with pure aesthetics. The artist uses her medium to tell a story with each of her works. 


A painting of a female figure in a boatAllowing the Way (#3 of Navigating Miracles Series), acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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