Fractured Lines: Art by Karen Holland

A painting by Karen HollandSecond Thoughts, mixed media

Karen Holland is a Vancouver-based artist who creates paintings with a free-form, intuitive technique. Karen’s paintings often contain a multitude of shapes, built upon fractured lines and patches of color.


A mixed media artwork borrowing the forms of ornate doorsDoors, mixed media on panel


Karen’s online portfolio offers a vast selection of works from throughout her career – in earlier works she tends toward a more subdued, often earthy color palette, though her recent Altered States series showcases compositions in vibrant complementary tones like reds and blues. I especially enjoy the woven look of these paintings, the way each canvas is crossed with wavy lines, the lines seeming to have their own three-dimensional presence as they snake across the abstract image.



A screen capture of Karen Holland's art websiteKaren's portfolio website,


The artist has also employed raised textures in her work, creating a sense of buildup and deeper layers that might reveal themselves upon closer inspection. Some of Karen’s paintings seem to suggest representational figures, despite her abstracted technique, leaving the viewer with a fascinating mystery. 


An abstract acrylic painting with warm orange huesNow you see me, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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