Smooth Planes of Color: Art by Steve Latimer

A painting of a beach at sunsetSatellite Beach 3/24, acrylic on hardboard panel

Steve Latimer is a mixed media artist currently based in Lakeland, Florida. Steve’s body of work features varied subject matter, from landscapes to abstraction, though the artist’s love for smooth planes of color and a free-form sensibility shines through in many of his works.


A watercolor painting of a pink cadillacPink Cadillac, watercolor and gouache on paper


I’m impressed by the variety that Steve has packed into his online portfolio – working in traditional methods ranging from watercolor and ink to heavier paints with raised, textured moments, the artist still manages to keep to a fairly cohesive style throughout. I personally quite enjoy Steve’s landscape paintings – the artist is originally from California and many of these works showcase landscapes of the southwestern United States, with canyons and desert valleys rendered in warm, smooth yellow and earth tones.


A screen capture of Steve Latimer's recent work on his portfolioSteve's gallery of his latest works


Steve’s most recent works are largely abstract. The artist tends toward a collaged aesthetic, with cloudy, blended panels of color that seem to be cut out and layered over each other. Steve’s mixed-media abstractions frequently incorporate raised, textural and patterned elements as well. 


A mixed media artwork by Steve LattimerLooking Back, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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