Miniature Iceberg Paintings

seven miniature iceberg paintings


Pictured above are a few of my miniature paintings which I started creating as gifts of gratitude for some of the supportive folk in my world. Later I would go on to sell these mini-works as people loved their tiny-ness and wanted one or two of their own.


It was not long ago that I started this new project to counter some anxiety that I was experiencing as a result of the sudden positive opportunities that have recently come my way. I had a book launch to plan, two art openings and then an amazing and slightly daunting opportunity was offered to me. To show my work in a very large public art gallery. I was feeling as though I needed to "step-up" to meet all of these opportunities at the same time and it was causing me to add pressure to my already full schedule. I was spending a little too much time cursing my slow computer as it struggled to edit large files and transfer images to clients. To counter the escalating levels of "Grrrrrr" I was feeling I decided that I needed to take time to thank some of my friends and a few special patrons by creating tiny, miniature iceberg paintings for them. I only meant to make a few but the good vibes were addictive and I kept thinking of more people who I wanted to gift with these delightful little gems.

single iceberg painting


They measured about 3" x 3"  or 4" x 4" though some were even a little smaller. People adored them! Partially because I think people tend to love tiny things, there is a sweetness and a preciousness and they also fit in the palm of your hand which is a different way to experience art.


These works have brought me many things. They have opened my heart a little more by connecting me to people in a truly lovely way and served to remind me how lucky I am to be creative and free to make the things I want to make. Things are a little more zen at my computer desk post miniature icebergs of gratitude. When the computer starts to buffer and crash I take a break and dream of the shiney new computer that is almost within my grasp or step outside and take a breath of fresh air.

painting of a colorful iceberg

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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