Colorful Mosaic Images: Art by Joy Pesaturo

A painting of silhouetted trees on a white backgroundALPINE TREES, acrylic paint, gesso, ink, and varnish

Joy Pesaturo is an artist from Anacortes, Washington, who works with mixed media and collage to create colorful mosaic images. Joy’s portfolio is varied in subject matter, though her style remains playful and lightly abstracted thoughout.


A collage work of a gilded sunriseGilt Sunrise, acrylic medium and collage on canvas with metal leaf


Many of Joy’s works seem to reference the idea of a mosaic, whether that is the true nature of the work, or it’s more of an effect derived from layers of small brush marks. In Joy’s Abstract gallery, there’s a sense of vibrating energy in each image, derived from this slightly off-kilter layering of differently colored brush strokes.


A screen capture of Joy Pesaturo's art


I really enjoy Joy’s mixed media works, both on their own, and as a foil or departure from the rest of her portfolio. These works, made on paper with acrylic medium and ground marble, take a great approach to texture, in some cases removing all color and focusing instead on the layering of white hues to create an interesting work, like the art of Robert Ryman


An abstract painting with a stylized line in negative white spaceabstract 32, acrylic, acrylic binder, ground marble, paper, and micaceous oxide

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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