Interactive, Tactile Experiences: Art by Liz Nurenberg

A soft sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Body, Object, Body, Mark)


California-based artist Liz Nurenberg is known for her textile works that create interactive, tactile experiences for the viewer. Intent on challenging the notion that art must be kept pristine and untouched in a gallery space, Nurenberg creates works that are designed to be handled and played with.


A photo of a sculpture by Liz NurenbergUntitled (from Conversation Pieces) photo by Jeff McLane

Nurenberg’s sculptures sometimes exist as their own self-contained objects, encouraging viewers to touch and move them around – these remind me of the works of Pedro Reyes, some of which also serve to force the viewer into a novel sensory experience.


A number of Nurenburg’s sculptures are also made for use by two people at the same time. These so-called Conversation Pieces are an even more interesting departure from the way we frequently view artworks. Museum-going is often thought of as a solitary, quiet experience. Nurenberg’s conversation pieces create opportunities for interaction within an artwork, turning each sculpture into a performance of sorts.  


A photo of two people interacting with a Liz Nurenberg sculptureHeadpiece I

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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