Craft-Based Techniques: Art by Alison Lang

A purse made with wool appliqueWool Applique Purse

Alison Lang is based in Michigan, where she works with a range of textile-based art forms. Alison’s body of work has a cohesive, strongly rustic aesthetic that emphasizes the artist’s hand and traditional craft-based techniques.


A handmade fiber doll of a mountain manMountain Man, doll


Alison’s works range in appearance from two-dimensional wall hangings to handmade dolls. I find the artist’s dolls quite intriguing. Though they all seem to share a common aesthetic sensibility, each doll represents a totally different set of aesthetic and material choices on Alison’s part, and therefore each has a truly unique look. It also helps that Alison’s portfolio website includes selections of work spanning decades, so the viewer is able to catch on to different trends in the artist’s personal style.


A gallery of work on Alison Lang's textile art websiteAlison's gallery of miscellanous works


Alison’s flat works are still not quite two-dimensional, and often incorporate textural and three-dimensional elements like buttons and threads of thick yarn. These are different from the flush textile works of artists like Lisa Lackey, instead emphasizing a layered, assembled approach.


A textile work that incorporates tree branches into an abstract designRadiance, linen threads, cotton threads, cording and treated hemlock branches on black wool

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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